We've created a demo website to show the flexibility that a custom Shopify site can offer.

Check the live site here, with password "demo" ⧉

The Brief

We wanted to showcase a scenario in which making a completely custom design would make sense. In this case, we picked a luxury apparel brand to develop the site for.

DISCLAIMER: The design for this is loosely based on monksofmethod.com.

Strong branding focus

Shopify themes provide UI for a wide variety of use cases. For a luxury site, the focus on the brand elements is a key part of the sell.

Sections such as the "Pledge" help the customer understand why this is a premium brand.

Adapted for a small catalog

Despite being a fashion brand, the number of items for sale on this site is very limited.

The navigation has been adapted to provide easy access to the elements within the site.

Animations that delight

The use of animations has been judicious, but done tastefully. Animations like the one above add to the 'wow' factor that draws the customer in to the uniqueness of the site.

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