OnJuno needed a meticulously curated experience for their flagship Android app. We worked closely with their team, advising and developing an app that's disrupting banking in the US.

The Problem

OnJuno is a new next-gen banking platform that needed to disrupt themselves in the crowded US market that has many established players.

The Solution

We helped OnJuno experiment with newer technologies to decide on the right platform for building their flagship app. After deciding on native Android, we set the the guidelines for the engineering and collaborated with OnJuno's team to build out the app that accomplished their vision.

Your personalised banking features, at your fingertips.

Have complete control & track of all your transactions.

Polish Matters

When you're launching a flagship banking app, the quality of a flagship app directly reflects on the trustworthiness of the company. This made it critical for us to get the little details right for a great user experience.We spent all the time needed to meticulously craft 400+ screens and states for this app!

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