We created a unique audio recording and editing experience for users of the podcast creators on the KukuFM platform.

The Problem

KukuFM wants to provide a platform for podcast creators on their platform to be able to easily create and edit episodes. Audio recording and processing is a complex task, especially on mobile devices.

The Solution

We revamped the recorder module within the app from the ground up. We employed the best-in-class processor (FFMpeg), and optimised it to work for our recordings. We also gave the UI a refresh, giving special attention in the form of custom UI for an amazing recording and editing experience.

Diving deep into audio

The challenge in this project was exploring deep in the audio domain. Since we weren't just a simple recording app, we needed to make sure that we were making the right tools available to create a well-structured podcast. We developed a rich set of features that included adding background music, splitting and joining audio clips, adding noise reduction and more!

We had to simultaneously make sure we were optimising for speed and minimal space usage as well - we used Google Play's Dynamic Feature Module to only download the relevant parts of the app for the smaller segment of users interested in recording audio. This kept the app lean for the average user, while also letting us add on an exclusive module!

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