We tackled the issue of informal record-keeping with DDN team to produce an elegant and easy-to-use Android app, paired with a robust backend system to manage a unique accounting system.

The Problem

The early stage team at DDN wanted to end India’s age old problem of keeping a "hisaab" (account) with people you talk to and transact with regularly. Trying to keep a record of transactions with your “doodhwala”, “dhobi”, “paanwala” has always been tricky. There are frequent issues with trust, transparency and most of all, accountability.

The Solution

DDN’s app changes all of this. It allows users to pair with people they trust with limits in place. Recording transactions becomes a breeze thanks to the easy sign up and pairing process. Disputes become simple to resolve because of a transparent transaction history accessible to both parties.

We designed and developed a multi-lingual Android app that used simple flows, expressive UI and ease-of-use in mind for our target audience of shopkeepers. What isn't apparent on the surface is the how we modelled our backend for complex, multi-step transactions that made for a robust app experience.

Robust UI that provides transparency and easy access to information for the vendor.

The Game Changer

To keep the pairing process simple, yet accessible only to those who were in immediate vicinity of each other, we used Audio QR technology (similar to what was used in Google Pe) to find nearby users. This used ultrasonic frequencies to transmit secure messages between phones, making the transaction process seamless yet compliant.

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